• Benefits Of Getting An Auto Tint in San Diego California

    Helps Protect Privacy

    There are many benefits of getting auto tint done for your car, but one of the most popular one’s is the fact that it helps enable privacy. With cars it is very easy for people to look right in, especially if you are parked in a parking lot. If people cannot see within your car it is also harder for them to steal valuable items as if they will not know where they are or even spot them to begin with. For people who have valuable items in their car this is a great investment to make in order to protect them.

    Helps Protect Against Rays From The Sun

    For people who drive a lot, and are always exposed to the sun it would be beneficial to invest in an auto tint. People do not know, but harmful rays can go through windows, which is why it is important to protect yourself rather than not care at all. Especially, for those who drive hours worth or in the transportation business it is very important that you cover yourself rather than not care at all, because there are very harmful side effects to those rays that you are exposing yourself to.


    Therefore, if you are someone who would like to have more privacy or protect their skin from the harmful rays that are coming from the sun it is vital that you think about investing in a tint. There are many places that should be able to do this for you. If you are interested you should go online and look for one that is near to your home. They should also be able to give you an estimate that you can compare to other places in order to get the best deal and price possible, so you can save some money.

  • Sage Advice for the Passionate Collector or Easy Going Gardener

    Salvias are often referred to as sages that are charming plants with tall spires of flowers. They come in annual, perennial, biennial and shrub form, and with over 900 to choose from, you’re sure to find a couple to suit your garden. They hybridise easily so fabulous new varieties are released annually. Many have stunning flowers, some of which are bright and flamboyant, while others are pretty and dainty and so prolific they cover the plant. Plus many feature eye-catching foliage. This may fit well in a San Diego landscape design because of the low maintenance that is required.

    San Diego Salvia Plant

    We are going to give you 6 good reasons to plant Salvias aka Sage!

    • While many salvias flower all year round, others come into their own in autumn and winter where there’s little color in the garden. Many also have colorful bracts which extend the flowering season.
    • Propagation is easy. Annual salvias are quick to grow from seed while perennials can be divided and shrubby types grown from slips and cuttings.
    • They’re available in colors to suit all gardens, from striking pink and mauve and white to opulent red, stunning orange and yellow as well as vivid blue.
    • They’re fast growing and often aromatic.
    • They attract birds, bees and myriad of insects to the garden.
    • Many, particularly our South African species and those from Mexico like S. Greggii are drought tolerant so are suitable for water-wise gardens.

    Growing Tips

    • All salvias need good drainage to flourish, especially in areas with clay soils or where the soil becomes cold and wet in winter.
    • They’ll grow in poor, sandy soil but adding compost in the planting hole and keeping them mulched and fed produces the best results. Many like alkaline soil.
    • Most salvias prefer full sun but a number will take partial shade.
    • Check their frost tolerance as some are hardier than others.

    So there you have it, if you are doing any San Diego landscaping with sage aka salvias then you should follow the tips we have laid out up above. Feel free to contact us to let us know how your project went!